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ClickFunnels Review – Why I Use It For My Sales Funnels

Is this the first time you hear about Clickfunnels?

If it is, I’m not surprised. Clickfunnels is something that seems to get lost in the sales funnels recommendation world. The gurus all use either one or two programs: Lead Pages or OptimizePress.

There’s nothing wrong with either of those services, so don’t expect me to bash them. But if you’ve seen their price tag, you might still be shuddering after reading their names.

cf-banner3Fortunately for you, there is a solution. It’s Clickfunnels. But I’m not just going to throw you in their direction. Instead I’m going to give you a very in-depth Clickfunnels review.

This is going to dive into the program itself. We’re going to take a look at its features and how it compares to other services. I’m not going to do any bashing, but I will be honest.

This Clickfunnels review is split up into four parts. Each part will cover one of the features of Clicksfunnels. There are a lot of features, I’m only going to cover the four major and most important ones.

#1: The Funnels

In the first part of this Clicksfunnels review, we’re going to talk about the funnels themselves. clickfunnels-steps

If you’ve got a little experience in internet marketing, you know that there are different types of funnels. There are funnels for webinars, subscriber lists, sales and membership sites. Each of these funnels are completely different. They have to be set up a certain way in order to be successful.

How do you know how to set up each type of funnel?

There’s plenty of training out there for funnels, but it can get confusing. Worse yet, some gurus label all funnels as sales funnels. I’m here to tell you right now, in this Clickfunnels review, that is really not the case.

Convincing someone to do a one-time sale, like buying an ebook, is a completely different process than having someone sign up for a webinar or accepting a recurring membership fee. While technically you are making a sale in all of these situations, they all can’t be handled the same way.

Are you confused? It’s OK. Clickfunnels has you covered.

They have a funnel setup for any of the funnels mentioned above. They even have a funnel for an automatic webinar. This means you can record your webinar and set it to repeat. If you just want to build your subscriber list, there’s a funnel for that too. Choose the funnel you need in order to get started.



Let’s move onto the second part of the Clickfunnels review.

#2: Customization

In the second part of this Clickfunnels review we’re going to talk about the customization of your funnel.

So you’ve picked out your funnel. Your next step is to choose a template. There are dozens of templates available. All of them are tested and proven to work.

This is great for A/B split testing. Normally you’d make numerous funnels, drive traffic to each one and see how they performed. You’d eliminate the ones that weren’t performing so well, tweak the other ones a little to see if you could make them better.

A/B testing is a necessary part of setting up a sales funnel. I’m not going to tell you not to do it, or that Clickfunnels is going to eliminate your need to do it. I will tell you that Clickfunnels makes it a lot easier to do A/B testing.

Since you’re already working with designs that are proven to work, you don’t have to start from scratch. In order to make changes, all you have to do is point and click. You can integrate video, animations, clocks or anything else you want. It’s a very easy interface to use, and it doesn’t really require a learning curve.

Here’s a quick table to illustrate this:


Clickfunnels Review Tip: How to Do Effective A/B Split Testing

Let’s dive more into A/B Split testing in this Clickfunnels review.

A/B split testing is important because it allows you to see which funnels are preforming the best. However you will still need to set up multiple funnels. You can run multiple funnels at once with Clickfunnels. They give you a good foundation with their templates but ultimately, you’ll have to be the one to find out what works and what doesn’t.

So how do you do effective split testing?

Have you ever read those blog posts or case studies that said that by changing one feature of a landing page or ad the increased conversion by a ridiculous number? For example, “I increased my conversion rate 1000% by changing the color of the call-to-action button.”

If you have, you’re of two schools of thought. You’ve either rolled your eyes then left the page, or you tried it yourself only to find out it didn’t work.

No, we’re not going to tell you what color to make your call-to-action button in this Clickfunnels review. We will tell you why those results didn’t work for you.

Simply put, your audience isn’t the same as the audience in the case study.

Every single audience is different. It’s impossible to group all of them into one specific demographic unless you get to know them first. That’s what A/B split testing is for.

Here are some questions your A/B split testing should answer:

  • What kind of concerns do my prospects have?
  • What will motivate them to click on my call-to-action button?
  • What keeps them from going to my competitors?
  • What reason do they have to trust me?
  • What reason have I given them to stay on my page?
  • What reason have I given them to sign up to my mailing list?
  • Is there something on my page that is preventing me from getting more conversions?

That’s a lot of questions, but you can only find those answers through A/B split testing. Once you answer these questions, you won’t just find a funnel that converts well for you. You’ll make more sales because you’ll know your audience, and you’ll be solving their problems.

By the way, copy plays a big part of this, but we’ll get into that in a later part of this Clickfunnels review. Before we get to the third part of the Clickfunnels review, let’s talk about how to get to know your audience.

Clickfunnels Review Tip: How to Get to Know Your Audience

I know you have questions about how to get the answers to the questions in the last section of this Clickfunnels review. You have to use A/B split testing, but how do you do that effectively without wasting a lot of time?

For starters, you need to find out who you’re targeting. What type of person are they? What is their age range? Do they have a family? Are they retired? Do they want to supplement their income? Are they drowning in debt and looking for a way to pay it off?

Maybe they fall into all of these categories. That’s not a problem. Try to integrate one or more of those things into each of your funnels. Saying things like “Are you looking for a way to provide a better life for your family?” will grab the attention of people who only want to make more money to give their family the life they want. The same is true of the other circumstances.

I would suggest that you set up one funnel for each of these circumstances. This way is more personable. People respond to personable messages. If they get the sense that you don’t care about them and you are just trying to sell them something, you’re not going to get the conversions you want.

Now this is where copy comes to play in this Clickfunnels review. It is so true that copy can make or break your page. We’re not talking about colors or fonts. We’re talking about messages. If your message doesn’t come across the right way, people will not respond to it. They will think that you’re just trying to sell them something, and they will leave.

So how do you write copy that converts?

Unfortuately I don’t have enough room in this Clickfunnels review to answer that question. That is a whole other blog post. I can give you a few pointers though.

  • Keep it simple. Keep your sentences short, sweet and to the point.
  • Make the length of your copy appropriate for what you’re trying to accomplish. If they’re on a landing page, make your landing page copy an appropriate length. If you’re trying to get them to sign up to your newsletter, make your copy appropriate for that.
  • Don’t go overboard. Fancy techniques may get you one-time sales but they aren’t going to help you to get long term customers. Remember, most of your business is going to come from repeat customers. Set your copy up in a way that makes people want to not only stay with you but keep buying your products.

The point of being a salesperson isn’t to just sell things. It’s to help make people’s lives better. Take that approach and you’re going to make more sales. Don’t be sleazy. People respond better to other people than they do to someone with a slick grin and fancy words.

Let’s move on to the third part of the Clickfunnels review.

#3: Integration

In this part of the Clickfunnels review, we’re going to look at how other popular services integrate with this service.

You can easily integrate popular payment services and autoresponder services to your funnels. They even work with Mad Mimi, Infusionsoft, Warrior Plus and Stripe – just to name a few. So you don’t have to worry about switching providers when using Clickfunnels.  If you’re not sure if you can integrate your services into your funnel, just ask support.

Clickfunnels Review Tip: Don’t Embellish Your Story

Here’s a Clickfunnels review tip for your mailing list.

When you sign up to a new email list, the first thing you usually get is the story of the owner’s life. They’ll tell you something tragic, and then tell you how they used a particular method to turn their lives around.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to connect to your audience. Using your background story is one of the best ways to do that. But don’t embellish. Don’t make it seem like it was more horrible than it actually was.

Don’t lie.

Your job is to build trust. You can’t do that by lying to your customers. The only way you can do that is be honest. Your background story may be boring, but it’s better to tell the truth than to lie. Trust me, people fall from grace in this business over lies all the time. I don’t want that to happen to you. Just keep everything honest, and you’ll be fine.

Let’s move on to the final part of my Clickfunnels review.

#4: Pricing

In the final part of my Clickfunnels review, we’re going to discuss pricing.

Did you ever notice that when most people are trying to get you to sign up for an expensive service, they won’t give you the price? The only thing they’ll give you is hype, in the hopes that you’ll buy without thinking.

cf-banner3Well this Clickfunnels review is different. I’m going to give you the price of this service right now: $37 for personal, $97 for startup, $297 for enterprise. The personal plan is for people who only want to build their email list. If you want all of the funnels without priority support, the startup plan is for you. If you need priority support, go for the enterprise option.

This is where Clickfunnels shine. Their competitors start out charging $99-$297 a month, and you don’t get half the features Clickfunnels offer you. (There is a comparison chart on their website.) But you can get their services for less than the price of a dinner date.

In this Clickfunnels review, we’ve gone over the four most important features of Clickfunnel. The one thing I want you to take away from this Clickfunnels review is that it has more features and is much cheaper than its competitors. You can start for as much as $37 a month for a basic membership.

I hope this Clickfunnels review gave you another option for your sales funnels. If you want to learn more about Clickfunnels or start up a membership, you can click here.

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